About Us

Proper Hijinx is an independent theatre company in Dallas, founded by artistic director Stefany Cambra. Proper Hijinx is looking to stir up the best kind of trouble by producing theatre of relatability. We strive to promote intimate works focused on contemporary issues. It is our goal to produce unique works that will resonate with our audience, focusing on the art of storytelling.

Auditions are currently Open
Group of Proper Hijinx Actors
" Cambra hopes that collaboration between theaters will also mean sharing spaces and resources, which are becoming increasingly limited in Dallas. After the Dallas City Council voted this last month to go ahead with funding for an ATTPAC “bailout,” smaller theaters may have to continue raising awareness and funding in a grassroots manner. And if Cambra has her way, the smaller theaters of Dallas will all have each other to lean on going forward." Katy Lemieux
The Dallas Observer
" A new company that has one of the best names we've seen in awhile: Proper Hijinx." Mark Lowry
writer for Theatre Jones
" Good at getting people to stay tuned." Nancy Churnin
The Dallas Morning News