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How To Make Teleport Pads On Roblox Alvinblox

How To Make Teleport Pads On Roblox Alvinblox. Roblox Studio Learn Scripting Scripting Examples Die on Touch Teleport Button Teleport Part Spawner Laser Gun Explosion Course Torches Spinning Trap Run/Walk Button Key Press to Teleport Button Press for Points Fire Effect Click to pickup Collection Scripts Animations Player Collisions Playing Sounds make sure player.

How To Make Teleporter Pads In Roblox Studio New Version Youtube how to make teleport pads on roblox alvinblox
How To Make Teleporter Pads In Roblox Studio New Version Youtube from

roblox learn to script game provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers roblox learn to script game will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves.


This video will show you how to make a teleporter GUI in Roblox Studio using partsScript https//pastebincom/sa9jwCuTThanks for watching! Subscribe for mo.

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If you are going to try making a game without knowing how to script very well prior I recommend AlvinBlox’s YouTube Channel He has many videos on various skills you need to script a game Also make sure to visit the Roblox Developer Hub Besides having a great API reference it is packed full of great articles and resource.

How To Make a Game Teleporter in Roblox {14 Easy Steps

Learn all three types of scripts that make a roblox game! Easy By thegameison3 Make a notification! Make a notification (basic roblox style) Med By D_rawest15 Idle/Walk Animation system Idle/Walk Animation system Easy By Klxfe Teleportation Pad Whenever player touches Part1 it’ll teleport the player to Part2 Roblox is filled with fun.

How To Make Teleporter Pads In Roblox Studio New Version Youtube

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Hope you guys enjoy the video! 1st Script put on “Tele1″function onTouch(part)if partParentHumanoid ~=nil thenpartParentMoveTo(scriptParentParentTele2.