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Shirtless Roblox. Ultra Koku is a 5star hill and cone AoE type unit based on Goku in his Super Saiyan 3 from the anime Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super He can be obtained from the Hero Summon or by evolving Super Koku Ultra Koku can also be placed down as a fusion unit for Kovegu or Veguko Ultra Koku can evolve into Super God Koku by using Ultra Koku is an original/classic unit.

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Elemental (Lightning) is a 5star ground type unit based on Kakuzu from the anime series Naruto Shippuden He can be obtained by a Rare chance from opening a Pumpkin Capsule He can be evolved with Elemental (Fire) Elemental (Water) and Elemental (Wind) to get Elemental (Ultimate) When equipped in one of the first 3 slots a lightning spirit appears on the back of.

Elemental (Lightning) Kakuzu Roblox: All Star Tower


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Ultra Koku (SSJ3 Goku) Roblox: All Star Tower Defense